Holiday update 2013 

 Hey 7sf fans!

Hunter here, writing all of you awesome 7sf fans about the holidays and some pieces of info you guys need to hear.

first...I hope everyone has a safe and very awesome holiday whatever coun try your in or religion you practice everyone should hgave fun these holidays. 

second... Buy your loved one the new "STORIES & ANALOGIES" album or some awesome 7sf gear like shirts ipohone caes stickers and more!

7sf merch store:
itunes link:

third... Im still doing the signed tour laminate and signed cd contest message us on to enter!

fourth and lastly.... alot of you know ive gone through many members and there have been mixed messages about why and id like to clear it up so people know the truth. Ive gotten equipment stolen, ive had members leave my equipment places when borrowing it, ive had to pay for many members side of the payments for recording travel even food,ive had to buy equipment just so they could play and they never paid me back, my rep has been ruined many times because of the lies these members spill,ive had shows ruined and fans lost due to these members, and recently ive had members sign contracts knowing what was expected of them and they still complained and acted like they didnt know and bailed on me. one member raised money online for the tour and didnt even use that money for the tour so illegally he stole your money whoever supported him and another member made decisions on tour that cost us extra money and almost ruined my trailer and van by not checking if the trailer was actually hitched when he checked it. my point is these members that come and go fuck themselfs and i let them know what is expected before they join. so next time you hear bullshit about me or the band or even just wonder why i go through members like crazy , now you know i keep getting unreliable immature ignorent people who know nothing but scales and how to mimick others music. i love what i do its my life and i learned what i needed to learn and am still learning and i dont take shit nor will i risk my career on anyone anymore. so now you know im just strict and people cant handle this level of industry. thank you to all the fans who have stuck by me because ive always been 7sf i just now made me being solo official. 

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    It's definitely, definitely not you, it's them...
    It's definitely, definitely not you, it's them...